You will be very welcome in Hessle u3a
We are really pleased that you are thinking about joining Hessle u3a. The easiest way to join is to click Membership Form.  Full instructions are given as to how to pay your subscriptions.
If you would rather speak to someone
Joining Hessle U3A can be done in person at one of our meetings (see the list of our Interest Groups), or through the Membership Secretary:
Bob Jackson
44 Graham Avenue
Tel: 01482 355822
Sample a Group
You are welcome to come along to one of our groups.  The group leaders' contact details can be accessed by clicking Interest Groups.
Download a membership application
If you would prefer to make an application on paper, you can download a PDF version of the membership application You should be able to print out the form, preferably double sided if you have that option and then fill it in in the normal way.  You can take it to a meeting or send it to the Membership Secretary.